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Pastor Zeke’s Testimony

Being raised in a loving Christian home I was taught the Bible at a young age, which resulted in my profession of faith in Jesus Christ at the age of seven. Because my family was a military family, we moved a lot, resulting in me developing insecurities and wanting to fit in wherever I went. Even though I considered myself a Christian, throughout middle school and high school there was no evidence of my faith. I didn’t live my life any differently than the other kids in school. And despite being involved in youth group, I would show up hungover or I would spend hours every day playing video games. I see now that I wanted to feel special and in control, but this was really a form of pride.

This pride spread throughout other areas of my life when I began attending Kutztown University. I consciously was looking to “find myself” and “get the college experience,” or in other words pursue academic curiosities about life, go to parties, drink, and chase girls. While pursuing my education and growing in knowledge, I came to hate my fellow Christians for being “narrow-minded.” I thought I knew more than they did about societal and cultural issues in the world, or even in the church. Ultimately, this was just a mask of non-conformity and pride because I actually just wanted to feel like I belonged.

By God’s grace, I began to attend a Bible study that faithfully asked challenging questions and taught about who God is according to the Bible. During this time, I was in a relationship with a girl who did not share my beliefs. The Lord, in His abundant mercy, challenged me through a loving friend who saw me leaving my girlfriend’s room early one morning. He pointed out my hypocrisy of being one person in Bible study and a different person living in my deep sin.

The Lord helped me realize that there are Christians who take the Bible seriously and want to genuinely live for God. Nobody does this perfectly, and we sometimes look like hypocrites; Christians are not perfect—but God is! We are all sinful and broken people who need inner healing by Jesus Christ.

God loved us so much that He sent Jesus to pay for our sins so that we can be spared paying for our sins ourselves. God sees us as holy when we simply put our faith in His perfect Son, Jesus Christ, so we have nothing to be prideful about. This great gift from God leads us to worship Him and live our lives to honor him, even though we will still mess up. God’s great gift is called “the Gospel,” which means “good news,” and I want to share this good news with everyone I possibly can.

We all have a long way to go in our Christian walk and I know that I am not the only one who once felt isolated in mine. I want Kutztown Bible Fellowship Church to be a community for you to learn more about Jesus Christ, to worship God, to fellowship with others, and grow in your passion to share the wonderful message of the Gospel with Kutztown and the rest of the world.

Come and join us!