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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

1. The Bible is central
The Bible is the indispensable source for our knowledge and understanding of God and His plan for all creation. God’s Word, the Bible, always points to and exalts the Living Word, Jesus Christ; therefore, the Bible itself is not to be worshipped.

2. We emphasize expository preaching
Because God’s written revelation to us is ‘living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword,’ it is our intention to allow it to utilize KBFC preachers to get to our hearts and minds as they open the word and let its message out. Our goal is that KBFC pastors won’t use the Bible to preach their messages, but that the Bible will use KBFC pastors to preach its message: God’s powerful and life-changing truth.

3. We seek to maintain a high view of God
In a day when many have attempted to reduce God to be their spiritual therapist, it is necessary for us to remember that God, our Creator, is the highly exalted, transcendent King over all. We cannot afford to think less of God than He really is. We dare not respond to Him merely as our comfortable friend and fail to worship Him as our Sovereign Lord.

4. We work to proclaim a biblical gospel
It is essential that we understand what God’s Word says about how one becomes a child of God and thus a disciple of Christ. We cannot truncate, sterilize, dilute, adjust, or in any way, modify the message of the gospel once and for all delivered to God’s people in God’s Word. We will clearly articulate God’s truth on heaven, hell, sin, judgment, grace, repentance, and faith. It is our goal to hold tightly to the biblical gospel.

5. We exalt the Person and work of Jesus Christ
We give preeminence to Jesus Christ in all things. Since He is truly God and truly man, lived a sinless life, offered Himself as a sacrifice for sins, satisfied the justice of the Father, propitiated the wrath of God, reconciled God and man, and obtained an eternal inheritance, we worship Him alone as the only Savior of the world.

6. We exercise a sense of helpless dependence upon the Holy Spirit
We depend upon the Spirit of God as the divine Comforter, Intercessor, and Instructor empowering all believers for worship and service.

7. We have a genuine reliance on prayer
We understand that the mission, goals, and values at KBFC are humanly impossible. We do not inherently possess the capability to make disciples and to aid them in knowing, loving, and serving Christ. These are works of God; hence we will always rely on Him to accomplish these biblical objectives.

8. We encourage highly committed participants
To effectively and efficiently accomplish what God has called us to do, we must not maintain the practice of ‘20% of the people doing 80% of the work.’ At KBFC, we want to see “everyone serving and everyone being served.” We expect all members to exercise mutual care and concern for one another.

9. We will look to authentic and sacrificial leaders
The kind of leaders that God calls to KBFC is extremely important. Our pastors and teachers must endeavor to meet the biblical qualifications as set forth in I Timothy and Titus. Beyond that, we expect our leaders to follow Paul’s example of being authentic, forthright, honest, hard-working, and sacrificial. We expect that our leaders will set the example of saying to Christ daily: “any thing, any place, any time.”